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S3D Engineering
S3D Engineering

S3D Engineering, an expert company in 3D scanning and modeling in Bordeaux

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S3D Engineering is an innovative company specializing in 3D scanning and modeling technologies for over fifteen years. Located in Bordeaux and member of French Tech Bordeaux and French Fab Bordeaux, S3D Engineering operates throughout France and built a strong reputation in its field.

Thanks to its team of highly skilled engineers, S3D Engineering offers a wide range of 3D scanning and modeling services, including 2D or 3D plans and surveys. As a specialist in three-dimensional design, S3D Engineering creates accurate and detailed digital models and twins. This innovative company provides also BIM, Revit MEP and related services and performs reverse engineering, 3D industrial imaging, virtual tours, augmented reality and 3D printing.

Moreover, S3D Engineering carries out any point cloud conversion into CAD models, designs isometric plans, creates PID plans, conducts structural analysis, topography 3D laser scanning, infrared thermography, industrial quality control, structural health monitoring and more.

Given its various services and solutions, S3D Engineering operates in various fields, including building, industry and architectural heritage, where its talented engineers contribute to the successful completion of many projects related to construction, renovation, structure development, monument preservation and also industrial, energy and transportation fields.

To deliver high-quality services, S3D Engineering uses photogrammetry and LiDAR scanning, the best CAD softwares and more generally state-of-the-art 3D scanning and modeling technologies.

S3D Engineering, a high-quality company to meet and satisfy all customer needs

For over fifteen years S3D Engineering has managed to build and maintain strong relationships with its professional customers as technical design offices, construction experts, architects, heritage conservation experts and any project leader looking for even more innovative technological solutions.

With its extensive expertise in 3D technologies, S3D Engineering is a trusted and privileged partner, always open to undertaking all kind of projects, and a company that stands out for its experience, its passion for innovation and its use of the most advanced technologies to meet and satisfy customers’ needs.

As a responsive, dynamic and efficient company with a unique know-how, S3D Engineering offers customised high-quality services, always meeting deadlines and budget, which allowed it to be seen as a very well reputed company among its renowned customers.

Engaging S3D Engineering to meet 3D scanning and modeling needs, reverse engineering, and any other services requiring high-level 3D technology skills is an exemplary solution. It enables to innovate, to accelerate projects, to enhance performance, to increase productivity, to optimise the management of complicated operations and to promote business.

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